Ancillary APIs & Products

Below are links to our additional APIs and Products including our Gateway Portal and Virtual Terminal, Boarding API, Recurring Billing API, Reporting API, Wallet API, and WebLINK 3.0.





The BridgePay Gateway Bulk Transaction API allows integrators to preform direct imports via an API. Integrators can upload CSV import files and get results of the imported files and their status.

The BridgePay Gateway Boarding API allows a reseller partner to automate the merchant onboarding process to reduce the overall time to receive live gateway credentials and begin merchant processing.

This API provides the ability to create and manage organizations/accounts and related users under the Reseller organization/account structure. The structure will include users at each organization/account level and is organized in a parent-child relational hierarchy.

The BridgePay Recurring Billing API is a RESTful API used to automate the creation of Recurring Billing profiles on a merchant account. This API involves a multi-step process of generating and connecting different objects to connect into a contract. Note that this API will require the use of the Wallet API to add a payment method to a customer profile and subsequently the contract.

The BridgePay Public Reporting API provides consumers with the ability to request transaction data via aSOAP request made to the service. The usercanprovide data they wish to use as a filter in theparameter to the SOAP method and will receive a response containing the data they requested.

The Wallet API provides the ability to create and manage wallet sites and wallet views usable within the BridgeComm API and BridgePay’s Recurring Billing system.

BridgePay's WebLINK interface is a flexible, integrated payment solution for e-Commerce
transaction processing. WebLINK accepts transaction request data through an HTTPS POST from the merchant website.

WebLINK creates a payment page for you in response to an HTTPS POST from a web <form> and hosts it on the BridgePay servers. You can customize the payment page to match your website's branding and data collection needs.

Note that WebLINK 3.0 is a legacy solution, and TokenPay.js is the preferred integration method for eCommerce payments.



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