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Welcome to the BridgePay Developer Center!

BridgePay Network Solutions offers many different integration options with a robust set of APIs for direct integrations, semi-integrated solutions and many other functions. Below you will find additional information on all the different API types and any API documentation needed for the setup and testing of your integrated solution.

Looking to find what transaction types a specific product supports?

Have a look at our






Would you like to process eCommerce transactions, MOTO (Mail Order Telephone Order) transactions, or are you interested in performing a direct credit card terminal integration? Our Direct API Integration solutions may be right for you!

This section documents our RESTful Transaction API for both Card Not Present and Card Present transactions as well as our TokenPay.js product for securely capturing card or account data on a web page without ever passing through your servers, further reducing your PCI scope.


Would you like to process transactions in a Card Present environment without directly integrating to a credit card terminal? Our Semi-Integrated Solutions are what you need!

This section documents our PayGuardian Semi-Integrated Solution family which simplify the credit card terminal integration process. BridgePay’s PayGuardian solves EMV enablement for your point of sale or omnichannel solution. PayGuardian handles the collection and transmission of sensitive payment information, thus offloading the certification responsibility from merchants and integrators.


Are you interested in integrating additional functionality? BridgePay offers a number of non-transaction APIs for functionality like: Boarding, Reporting, Recurring Billing, and Wallets.

This section documents these ancillary APIs and how they can be incorporated to get the most out of your BridgePay integration.


Getting Started

To get started, please request a Test Account. The Integrations Support team will generate a test account for the gateway. Once created, the Integrations Support team will work with you to schedule a kick-off meeting to outline your integration and help you move forward.

Note: BridgePay enforces Geo-Blocking for accessing the gateway and our products. If you or your prospective customers are outside of North America, please discuss with the Integration’s Support team to ensure that you are able to access everything you require.