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Integration Process Flow

Integrating to BridgePay is simple. Our Integrations team will work with you every step of the way through your certification. Just follow the steps below to success!

Be sure to complete your test account request for testing to our sandbox.

Integration Steps

  1. Test Account Request

    1. Request a Test Account. Please allow 2 business days and be sure to check your spam.

  2. Review Developer Center

    1. Integrator reviews documentation on the Developer Center.

  3. Discovery Call

    1. Our Integration Support team will schedule an introduction and discovery call to discuss details of the integration and best product fit.

  4. Integration Phase

    1. As your team integrates, support questions are entered to the Support Portal where they will be tracked and answered.

  5. Certification

    1. Once the integration and testing has been completed, submit your certification script to the Integration Support team via the Support Portal.

  6. Certification Review

    1. Integration Support will review certification information by using the reference number of each type of transaction (Credit sales, debit sales, void, refund, etc.). Logs are pulled and reviewed and compared to the requests of each transaction type.

  7. Certification Issued

    1. A certification letter will be issued to the integrator and/or reseller partners once certification has been passed.

  8. Production Credentials

    1. The merchant account can now be boarded to the gateway for live production processing

  9. Final Production Testing

    1. Coordinate production testing and go live date with Integrations Support. Ensure proper hardware is ready.

  10. Go Live

    1. After all testing is successful, move to merchant processing. Support is now transferred to Gateway Technical Support.

BridgePay Certification Document and Instructions

In the certification document Page 1 (Title) must be completed with the integrator’s information in the highlighted fields. Section 1 must be completed with information related to the integration. Section 2 will contain transaction information. Multiple integration methods require a cert script for each integration method.

In section 2, only the reference number is required for transactions you will support. You do not need to complete any transaction type that you will not support. This value has differing names depending on the application in question. Below is a quick reference for the name of this value in BridgePay Products:

  • BridgeComm and Tokenpay - GatewayTransID

  • PayGuardian (Cloud and Desktop) - refNum

  • WebLINK3 - r_Id

For EMV, EMV Contactless and NFC Contactless for (Sale, Void, Refund, etc.) use one VISA transaction for each. For swiping and manual transactions please use one of each VISA and AMEX transactions if possible. For ACH (if applicable) only one transaction is required.

Appendix 1 contains test card and ACH data for use throughout the certification. Appendix 2 contains information regarding how to trigger specific transaction, AVS, and CVV responses with dollar amounts, address information, and CVV information respectively.

Certification Document is available for download below (please return it as an MS Word document).

Link to Document:

View file
nameBridgePay Gateway Certification Script v1.9.docx

Submit Document here: Enter An Integration Case (

Table of Contents

Table of Contents